Surface Mount Chip LED (PCB)/Top View Full Color/M4A7A


The M4A7A SMD LED is much smaller than lead frame type components, thus enable smaller board size, higher packing density, reduced storage space and finally smaller equipment to be obtained. Moreover, with its black PCB, the M4A7A possess an ideal solution for high-contract and high-resolution indoor signage display.


• Package in 8mm tape on 7〞diameter reel
• Compatible with automatic placement equipment
• Compatible with infrared and vapor phase reflow
• Solder process
• Full-color type
• Pb-free
• Component solderable surface finish is Gold
• The Product itself will remain whithn RoHS compliant version
• Compliance with EU REACH
• Compliance Halogen Free.(Br<900ppm Cl<900ppm Br+Cl<1500ppm)

Other Applications

• Indoor signage display applications
• Indoor decorating and entertainment design
• Flat backlight for LCD
• switch and symbol
• Indicator and backlighting for all consumer electronics

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