Records for the Year

Received the honor of 'Well-being Enterp Technology Industry' from 1111, a human resource agency.

Received the honor of "201 Best Partner for Strategic Collaboration" from the customer.

Received the honor of 'Excellent Supplier Award" from the customer.

Received th the honor o of "Taiwan Corporate Sustai tainability Award - Corpor orate Sustain inability Report Award: Electronic Information Manufacturer - Silver Meda' from the Taiwan Copporate Sustaina nablity Associ ciation (TCSA) in 2019

Received the Ihonor of "2019 Excellent Supplier Award" trom the customer.

Received the honor of "2019 Annual Brand Packaging Award" ftrom the GaoGong Industry Institute.

Participation in Social Welfare

Everlight Electronics embraces a philosophy giving back to society in hopes of serving as a social enterprise to put our charity into practice. The Company irregularly holds the beach cleaning, music concerts, and road runs to give back to society, and encourages employees to participate in social welfare activities. In 2019, we participated in 39 social welfare activities.

Police Broad casting Service Traffic Safety Promotion Concert

Single- Parent Children Fundraising Banquet

Unceasing Love - Organ Donation Gratitude Concert

2019 Romantic Firefiy Concert

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Everlight has been endeavored to improve the quality of life, create the green living space, enhance the environ nmental quality. and exert the corporate respon onsibility over the past years. To mental ecology keep on promoting the landscaping of the environn and bettering the quality of our environm ment, we organ anized the beach cleaning activities based on the principle of "caring the land and cleaning the Earth" to allow w our employees to protect the environment persor onally while making a contribution to the sustainability of the Earth. In 2019, Everlight's 47 employees and their families participated in the New Taipei City's Autumn Beach- dleaning Event.

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Charity run

Everlight parti ticipated in the "2019 5th Starlight and Love: Caring for Autism" charity run. Through the event, we learned more about the autis ism and s spared no efforts to accept, care, support and assist the patients. A total of 11 employees and their families took part in the event.

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Passion Everlight

Whether it is in China or abroad, Everlight holds blood donations every year. Blood donations in Taiwan are held once every quarter, so that colleagues can spread love in their spare time. Not only do blood donation activities help others, they also enhance the company's corporate image and has a positive impact on employees' health conditions, as well. In 2019, Everlight raised a total of 245 bags of blood. Everlight encourages colleagues to realize social welfare through different means, and also o make blood don nations s a good habit and great corporate culture of Everlight.

Sustainability Goals and Annual Performance

Integrated Investment and Sustainable Development Value Creation

Everlight enhances the sustainability strategy and comprehensively promote the economic growth social equality advancement and environmental protection, thereby demonstrating the long-term value of the company. For the “future operation strategy,” the Company integrates the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the UN and the Integrated Reporting (IR) into the mid-term and long-term investment, strategy and business model in order to allow the company to have comprehensive advantages in sustainable operations under the fast-changing overall environment.

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