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Everlight Files Patent Infringement Lawsuit against Test Rite, Jan Cheng and China Electric

        Shulin District, New Taipei City, November 7, 2022 – Everlight has filed a patent infringement lawsuit in Taiwan Intellectual Property and Commercial Court on November 7, 2022, accusing that the series of LED products such as bulbs, tubes and ceiling lamps sold by Test Rite Retail, Jan Cheng Lighting and China Electric MFG co., Ltd., infringed Everlight Taiwan patents TWI665406, TWI644055 and TWI553264. Everlight demands the defendants to compensate damage relief NT$300 million and seek a permanent injunction against the production, import and sales of the infringing products.

        Everlight declares that Test Rite Retail co., Ltd.’s own brand and its Toshiba, East Asia and other LED products, the Dancelight LED products sold by Jan Cheng Lighting co., Ltd., and the East Asia LED products sold by China Electric MFG co., Ltd.,have infringed Everlight Taiwan patents TWI665406, TWI644055 and TWI553264 . The patents are related to the LED leadframe packaging technology and structure, which can improve the production speed and yield of light-emitting devices, and enhance the electrical conductivity and thermal dissipation of light-emitting devices. They can be used not only for lighting LED products, but also for backlighting and automotive LED fields.

        Everlight reiterated that the purpose of patent rights is to protect innovative R&D achievements and encourage industrial development; Everlight will take legal action against illegal infringements in the market, and will not grant any leniency, in order to defend Everlight consistent position of respecting intellectual property rights.

        Everlight continuously invests in and expands the capabilities of technology and product research and development, manufacturing and design, and deepens the layout of intellectual property rights to strengthen the competitiveness of products. At present, Everlight has obtained a number of key patents in the United States, China, Japan, Europe, South Korea and Taiwan, and will continue to provide customers with high-quality services and products.

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