RBA Declaration and Policies

This manual was compiled pursuant to the “Code of Conduct-Responsible  Business Alliance” based on actual conditions of the Company to consolidate and perfect the Company’s RBA social responsibility management system, ensure compliance with labor,health, safety, environmental, and ethical norms and relevant requirements, fulfill the Company’s social responsibility, and establish an excellent corporate image.

All staff members are required to strictly abide by the regulations set forth in this “RBA CSR Management Manual” and relevant documents. All functional departments and staff members are required to familiarize themselves with these regulations and put them into practice to ensure the establishment, implementation, and continued improvement of the social responsibility management system.

The Company and all staff members shall abide by the following:

The “RBA CSR Management Manual” provides an outline for social responsibility management by the Company. All staff members are required to strictly abide by all regulations stipulated herein to ensure a constant enhancement of CSR management performance.

The “RBA CSR Management Manual” is officially effective as of August 11, 2017.

Labor, environmental, health, safety, and ethics policies

+Declaration:We strictly abide by all laws, regulations, and relevant requirements pertaining to labor, environment, health, safety, and ethics and implement constant improvements.ㆍ

Labor policy

Health and safety policy

Environmental policy

Ethics policies

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