Everlight Gallium nitride (GaN) Power Devices offer incredible advantages in terms of lightning-fast switching speeds and compact integration. These state-of-the-art GaN power devices from Everlight are the perfect replacement for medium to low voltage silicon-based MOSFETs in high-frequency applications such as consumer electronics and new energy vehicles.

The Everlight GaN Power Diode series covers a wide range of resistances, spanning from 100 mOhm to 300 mOhm. This ensures exceptional conductivity and efficiency for your power applications. Packaged in the compact and reliable DFN format, these power diodes are designed to seamlessly fit into your existing systems.


1. Resistant to high temperature and high voltage, with excellent conductivity and thermal conductivity
2. Low heat generation under high voltage conditions, effectively reducing charging time
3. Higher electron density and electron velocity, enabling fast switching, smaller size, and lighter weight
4. Resistance range: 100 mOhm to 300 mOhm

Other Applications

1. Transformers, chargers
2. Notebook computers, tablets that require higher voltage
3. LED lighting, 5G base stations
4. Suitable for high-frequency, high-efficiency electronic products

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